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Founding Partner & Chairman

Shelves adorned with numerous advertising metals and the walls, a testimony to an undying passion for wildlife photography. If you’ve entered a cabin which looks like that, you know it belongs to no one but Pratap Bose or PB as he’s popularly known amongst the advertising fraternity. He’s a friend, a father figure and a counsellor. So basically, his cabin is always open.

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Founding Partner & Chief Executive Officer

Known for his fun-loving persona, Mandeep Malhotra or Mandy as the world fondly knows him, has a 17-year old rocking stint in the advertising industry behind him. Always brimming with energy, the go-getter in him doesn’t have the word ‘no’ in his dictionary. He’s probably the best rainmaker in the industry with the biggest heart as well!

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Founding Partner & Chief Financial Officer

Travel. Sports. Music. Just a few words that aptly define the other side of our Chief Financial Officer, Pradeep Uppalapati. So while he’s still learning to perfectly strum the guitar, he’s great at data science and technology projects – a few other fields he helps us out with. Holding a CPA and a coveted degree from Monash University in Australia, Pradeep comes to us with a 10+ year stint of handling Business Development, Business Strategy, Corporate Development and Finance at Accenture.

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Founding Partner & Vice Chairman

An avid traveller and movie buff, Arjun Reddy, when not taking care of his multiple businesses spread across Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi, loves to take care of his little daughter Aira. While being someone who donned the role of an entrepreneur at a fairly young age, he’s also got a witty and spontaneous side to him. His business enterprises cover various fields including media, retail, real estate, import/export and hospitality.

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Core Values

Creating Champions

We hire the best of people and give them a culture which helps them excel.

Honestly Yours

One thing we hope to say about our associations with each and every client.

We’re the custodians

A commitment to not just create a brand but also take care of it.

Integrity is Integral

We say what we mean. Do what we say. And, stand up for what we do. Always.

The Human Approach

Numerous respected team members. One core team.